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:: Get out and RIDE your bike!
~ Summer is fast approaching. Stop making excuses! Here are a couple bike rides in Marin that can be done in about an hour... More bike marin

:: Show your Support!
~ Get 'em while the're hot! Join the movement to Freebike marin Marin with a bumper sticker.

  :: Send Your Pooch to Camp

~ You send your kids to camp, so why not your furry kids?! Camp K-9 of Marin is the new paradise for dogs that offers all the fun, fresh air and friendship you can muster in day camp... More bike marin


~ HEY SPEEDO! You are way cool, but try stopping at red lights. You'll soon be back in your Beemer with your $5,000 ride on the roof heading back into the City... More

bike marin

  :: Recent News

  :: Look what I brought to the office
~ Bring Mt.Tam, Marin to your office. Dowload the FM Desktop.

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  :: Ultra-Snail Mail

~ A message in a bottle that originated in Mill Valley, Marin traveled eight years and 23,500 miles to the southwest coast of Australia... More

bike marin

  :: The Perfect Food

~ We'd be hard pressed to find a more convenient and satisfying meal. Eating a burrito requires neither plate, knife nor fork. Here are some of our favorite take-out burritos in Marin (warning: eating these burritos for lunch will cause instant food coma at work)... More
bike marin

  :: Help Save the Sweetwater

~ As you no doubt have heard by now the legendary Mill Valley meeting place is in danger again of closing it's doors. We recently received this email... More


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